A Vegetarian Alternative

So being back at school for my final year, I decided to try something new: Becoming a vegetarian (no I'm not being too strict or anything), just thought I would give it a try. Now coming from a meat loving family, its not always easy to persuade them into a couple vegetarian meals when I …

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  Cumin has been used for many centuries by a variety of cultures, such as south east Asians, Mediterranean inhabitants and North Americans, to name a few. It's orange-brown tinge seed can be found in many grocery and health stores in either seed form or ground (both contain the essential benefits cumin has to offer). …

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A Carrot a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin with many benefits for vision, immunity, and more! Vitamin A can be found in milk, eggs, livers, dark green and orange vegetables (cantaloupe, kale, papaya, peaches, sweet potatoes, and carrots!) Adults need 900 micrograms daily (3,000 IU) for men and 700 micrograms daily (2,300 IU) for women; Pregnant women …

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